Book Republic is offering the Axum publishing package. This publishing package is considerably Book Republic’s most basic and affordable publishing package. It is a perfect introduction to self-publishing because not only is it affordable, but it also has all you need to publish a book of your very own. The package gives you the chance to publish your book in both soft-cover and eBook format. The publishing package covers a variety of genres and can be supplemented with add-on services should the need arise. With the Axum package you can attain your dream of publishing a book of your very own at the best price possible.

  • Paperback
  • eBook

Interior Layout:
  • Trim Sizes(8.5X8.5, 8.5x11)
  • 40 Alloted images
  • 40 Enchanced images

Cover Layout:
  • Author photo
  • Cover Images(stocks photos)
  • Custom text and layout formatting
  • Professional cover templates
  • Supply your own cover
Galleys and Copies:
  • Electronic Galley
  • Complimentary Copies
    • 3 paperback
  • Primary print copies
    • 1 paperback

Registrations and Web:
  • ISBN
  • Worldwide distribution with online retailers
  • U.S Copyright registration
  • Library of Congress
  • Author circle account
  • Online sales and royalty accounting
  • Author volume discount
  • eBook distribution

  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Google Preview
  • 100 Channels - Media Release Campaign

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