The Arwad publishing package is a step up from the more basic Axum publishing package in every way. Like the Axum package you will be able to publish in both the soft-cover and Book Format. You will also have all the great services such as ISBN registration, full-time support and the opportunity to work with a professional publishing team. Even better is the fact that you will receive great additional services such as an increase in complimentary book copies, book marks, business and the additional book returnabilty feature.

  • Paperback
  • eBook

Interior Layout:
  • Trim Sizes(5.5X8.5, 6x9, 8.5x11)
  • 25 Alloted images
  • 25 Enchanced images

Cover Layout:
  • Author photo
  • Cover Images(stocks photos)
  • Custom text and layout formatting
  • Professional cover templates
  • Supply your own cover

Galleys and Copies:
  • Electronic Galley
  • Complimentary Copies
    • 10 paperback
  • Primary print copies
    • 1 paperback
Registrations and Web:
  • ISBN
  • Worldwide distribution with online retailers
  • U.S Copyright registration
  • Library of Congress
  • Author circle account
  • Online sales and royalty accounting
  • Author volume discount
  • eBook distribution

  • Bookstore Returns Program

  • 100 pcs. business cards
  • 100 pcs. bookmarks
  • 100 pcs. postcards

  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Google Preview
  • Kobo Preview – Chapter Preview
  • 500 Channels - Media Release Campaign
  • Standard Half Page – eMag advertising

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